05 January 2010

Danish 8 Month

Semakin bijak bergaya

Many babies are pulling themselves up now, grabbing on to any available piece of furniture and then standing while holding onto it in a wobbly way. Some babies walk as early as eight months, others not until well into their second year. All are still well within the normal range. Most babies work out how to stand up fairly easily on their own. The thing that stumps many of them is sitting back down again! When your little one pulls himself to a stand and then cries for you to sit him back down, don't rush to pick him up. Instead, show him how to bend his knees so his journey back down doesn't end with such a thud.

Your baby is starting to understand what it means when someone leaves his sight, the result of a growing understanding of object permanence. An exciting demonstration of this comes the first time he tries to imitate a goodbye wave by twisting his wrist or flapping his hand. Not all eight-month-olds can wave bye bye, but it's a fun skill to anticipate. Sometimes you'll notice that your baby is waving goodbye long after you've gone. This is a good sign that your baby is processing the idea of saying goodbye and trying it out.

Info nie mama ambik daripada babycenter... bile mama baca info nie baru mama perasaan memang betul info nie kata.. danish menjelang 8 bulan dah paham bila orang cakap bye- bye.. bile mama cakap bye - bye jek danish mula la melambai tapi cara lambaian danish dengan memutar2kan pergelangan tangan.. danish sangat hebat dalam memanjat.. lagi satu kalu mama dirikan danish mesti danish nak berjalan.. sibuk ajak mama pegang danish untuk support danish nak berjalan.. ok sayang i can follow u bcoz i love u so much!! now, danish kat umah nenek sbb semalam danish pegi klinik ngan nenek.. mama tak dapat anta danish sebb mama ader kelas.. now.. mama rindu sesgt kat danish.. rindu danish nangis, rindu danish gelak, rindu danish membebel.. segala-galanya mama rindu.. papa cakap kalu mama rindu kat danish, mama kena peluk papa.. ahakkss.. tue da 18sx plak.kuang2!!

danish melambai - lambai kat papa


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